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Our monthly newsletters contain lots of great information--like dates of scheduled holidays, descriptions of fun events and activities, and updates on our school's progress and success. We'll include monthly highlights below, and you can also view or download and print a copy of the newsletter by clicking on the links at right.

21st Century Career Fair

The 21st Century will be hosting a career fair at the Page Middle School on May 2. If your student is in the After School Program there will be awards handed out. There will be fun exciting careers to learn about, along with students from the middle school with their science projects. Feel free to let your child dress up in a costume of the career they would like to be in when they grow up! We will also have a raffle for prizes! Be looking for flyers and more information coming home this month.

Join The 100% Club!

The 100% Club guidelines are now available.

Lake View Newsletters

Did your copy of the newsletter get lost in the paper shuffle? Not to worry! You can download a copy from the links below:

NOTE: To view and print these documents, you must have Acrobat Reader installed.